Interpretive Signs for the Hank Aaron State Trail

Telling the cultural, social, industrial and natural history of the Menomonee Valley

MVP and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources collaborated in 2004 to produce 12 interpretive signs for the Hank Aaron State Trail (HAST). The signs were funded by the DNR and the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program. They were designed by local graphic and landscape designer Nancy Aten. The new signs expand upon the existing three signs at the Miller Park east parking lot. Two additional signs were added in the Milwaukee Soldiers Home segment of the Trail and were accomplished in partnership with Milwaukee Preservation Alliance and several donors.

The signs are:

  1. Menomonee Valley Native Plants
  2. The James E. Groppi Unity Bridge
  3. Floating Freight on Liquid Highways
  4. Machine Shop of the World
  5. The Menomonee River Watershed
  6. Stormwater Treatment
  7. The Milwaukee Road Shops
  8. Immigration and Silver City
  9. Neighborhood Life
  10. American Indians in the Menomonee Valley
  11. A Changing Landscape
  12. Trains in the Valley
  13. Soldiers Home: Care for the Brave and Deserving
  14. Soldiers Home: A Landscape for Healing and Leisure