Environmental Restoration

Prairie Restoration

Along with many areas of the Valley, restoration efforts have been underway along the Hank Aaron State Trail to help return the adjacent areas to a more natural state. The Department of Natural Resources, Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail volunteers, and corporate partners work to eradicate invasive, non-native species of plants, while restoring native prairie forbs and grasses. This effort helps to minimize stormwater run-off, restore natural habitats for plants and animals, and beautify the area surrounding the Trail.

Restoring a prairie to a semblance of its original splendor is a continuing effort in an area that has been disturbed by development for over 150 years. Controlled burnings, mowing, seeding of native plants, and targeted spot removal of invasive species are methods used on the prairie areas along the Trail.

Shown below are some of the targeted species along the Hank Aaron State Trail. You may find several that you recognize, and be pleased to discover that many of the flowers you now see along the Trail are native prairie species.

Native Prairie Species Along the Hank Aaron State Trail

Invasive (Non-Native) Species Along the Hank Aaron State Trail