How About More Art?

The Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail, working together with Write Now! Consulting and La Dallman Architects, developed an Art Concept Plan to encourage and lay the groundwork for the placement of public art along the Trail.

The Plan is intended to be a flexible framework that will guide the way artists, donors, public officials, Friends, and other members of the community think about public art and how it can be incorporated into the Trail.

The Plan includes sites along the Trail that are appropriate for placement of art. It is not the intention that all sites be filled and undoubtedly there are others that may be perfectly suited for art, but were not mentioned.

Enjoy the Plan and enjoy the Trail and if you feel you would like to know more about future placements of art along the Trail or you would like to make a donation to support more art along the Trail, please contact us.

Download the Art Concept Plan (8mb PDF)