Environmental Restoration

Originally a shallow marsh, the Menomonee River Valley was filled over time with a variety of materials and adapted for industrial use, dramatically affecting the environment, and in some cases contaminating the land and waters, and restricting the river’s flow. The brownfields left behind have created substantial challenges for redevelopment of the Valley, including geotechnical issues, construction site erosion control, stormwater management, air emissions, asbestos management and building demolition.

Many interested parties have worked hard to restore the Valley as an economically vibrant area, with healthy waterways, abundant wildlife, and recreational greenspace. A multi-year assessment of the environmental conditions of the Valley was conducted by the City of Milwaukee, Menomonee Valley Partners, Wisconsin DNR, Environmental Protection Agency, and the US Geological Survey. The assessment led to an understanding of the existing conditions and what steps were necessary to redevelop and remediate the land and minimize further contamination.

Prairie Restoration

Learn about the work being done to eradicate invasive, non-native species of plants, while restoring native prairie forbs and grasses.

Stormwater Management

Learn about what's being done to lessen the likelihood and impact of flooding, minimize stormwater runoff, and relieve the strain on sewerage infrastructure to improve water quality.


The restoration of the Hank Aaron State Trail and adjacent areas has provided greenspace for recreation, wildlife habitat, and improved ecology.