Bike to Work Week

June 3-11, 2017

Celebrate Bike to Work Week by riding the Hank Aaron State Trail to work and taking part in special events.

Bike to Work Week is an international event intended to promote the use of bicycles for commuting to and from work. Everyone is invited to join us for free bike tours of the Hank Aaron State Trail presented by the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, and sponsored by WE Energies. We also encourage you to use the Hank Aaron State Trail to commute throughout the week. Be sure to stop by the Breakfast Station along the Trail, which offers free coffee and baked goods for morning commuters throughout the week.

Bicycling is often an excellent choice for commuting, especially from those neighborhoods served by the Hank Aaron State Trail. The Trail is a vital link between the West End and Downtown, providing an efficient, pleasant, and safe commute. Eliminating hassles with parking, avoiding rush hour congestion, reducing air pollution, and providing great exercise are all excellent reasons to bike to work.